Dating your bosss son

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How would you tell your coworkers you're dating the boss's son? My sister works in a small approximately 30 people firm. There are 3 partners of the business.

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One of them introduced their son to my sister and they wound up dating. The partners of the firm are well aware and have left it up to my sister to decide how to bring it out to her coworkers if at all. Her concern is that if they we're to show up to the Christmas party together, the cat is out of the bag anyway. What I do in my personal life stays personal. That's not something I would talk about with coworkers. Unless your sisters up for a bunch of childish behavior from her coworkers She shouldn't Talk about any relationship with the bosses son.

They will forever perceive that anything remotely positive that happens to her at work will be due to preferential treatment due to her relationship with him. Doesn't matter what you say, the women are going to say behind her back "she's sleeping with X to get ahead with a promotion. That's just how they are. Online dating too, eharmony has a good success rate. But I know meeting someone is the hardest thing in the world Good luck, Ariadne. I am a computer technician, highly intelligent, good looking I guess and "clinically shy" So you might want to read my response.

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As a Catholic I have a unique perspective on your dilemma. I can honestly say that you're just bored. You should just go back to the big city if you need to purge your demons. I think you are really bad for him. You would reward his weakness and turn him into something truly pathetic, instead of someone sweet with infinite potential.

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And he's really smart, he doesn't need you. He could be an innocent. People in small towns don't know how to hook up. They just fall in love with whomever they meet!!! You'll be back working in the "big city" where you belong, breaking up marriages to quelch your boredom sooner than you think!!! Better that you just leave now or visit more often. For God's sake, don't ruin him!! Don't give in to temptation. You assume that his weak parents are encouraging you to toy with him like that. That's because they are from a small town where "spiritually weak" means that people "fornicate and fall in love!

I hope he is more sophisticated than they are. They must not know what planet you are from, being small town people and all. Do they even know what that is? Don't follow them; follow God, follow your heart for crying out loud if you still have one!

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Don't tell me they are "not religious. Either that or they are mean and they want him to "grow up. Love God more than they do, since they are so blind. Help this poor boy by staying away from him. If you mess with him, don't be surprised if every day at work seems "weird" because now everyone is acting "weird" and "freaking you out. From a practical standpoint, if you take advantage of him, you'll never learn what he's really made of. Why spoil things like that? If you decide to keep your job and you still get bored and want to "help" him "grow a pair," try one of these: Talk about the lives of the saints, maybe get his parents a book on the lives of the saints.

This should scare the heck out of him and force a decision out of him. If he is forced to see himself cut off from the world as a monk like the other saints, he might decide that he wants you. Ask a priest which saint's life will scares people the most. If he likes them, tell him he's is a rebel and then try to tame him. It will make you feel like a woman to tame a rebel, and it lets him be the guy in the relationship, so you should tease him about that. It sounds like he needs the ego massage so that he can have the courage to be creative and act more interesting and less boring.

If instead, he hates Mac, you can tease him also by saying you use one and that you're gonna make them switch. Macs can be very divisive in I. If you're lucky, his anger will turn to sexual frustration and he will channel that into something a little less boring involving you so that he can "build confidence. I actually prayed for a dead mouse last week, which might be excessive, so I'll definitely say a prayer for you also.

I dunno, maybe Im losing it. Why am i posting in "loveshack. And Yes I do have a crush on my dad's hygienist who I've worked with, and NO Im not gonna mess with her like you people all mess with each other, and MAYBE i googled something and found this thread and felt like typing here because i have a weakness too and im SOOO sorry I hate forums, im not posting anymore. And i don't like cute little bunny rabbits!!!!! Religious stating how "you people suck" Seems like you are being kind of hypocritical. I would think anybody who is that into religion would accept everybody instead of judge them.

Don't take his advice, how do you even know the boss's son is Catholic? Also, I do also feel that you should find somebody closer to your age. If you do get with your boss's son, your job could be ruined. All times are GMT The time now is 6: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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