Henry dating amber

He would smile at one girl one day and move onto someone else the next, " making Kyuhyun uneasy with her blunt statement. In addition to revealing that Henry had the qualities of a player, Amber revealed that Zhoumi was much nicer compared to Henry and placed him on a higher pedestal when it came to personality.

Henry gives Amber the most daring birthday present: a kiss!

Then, when the MCs brought up Jackson, who appeared on Mnet' s ' 4 Things Show ' as Amber's close friend, Amber revealed that Jackson also had the qualities of a player just like Henry. She said, " Jackson is also a player, especially because he is young. Jackson is very open and curious about a lot of things. He pretends to be a player.

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Meanwhile, Amber stated that, unfortunately, her expectations in guys have increased because of all of the guy friends around her. Log in to comment.

They must have missed each other a lot since they haven't seen each other since Henry's trip to South America for his Chinese Vaiety show.. He'll stay there for a month i think.. They were an on and off couple years ago but I doubt they're anything more than good friends now. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

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F x 's Amber and SJ's Henry?????? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic.

f(x)'s Amber says that Henry and Jackson are players

Takamina's long lost twin Member 2, posts. I'm all for amber dating! Honestly i find it kind of annoying when people act as though its impossible for a male and a female to just be close friends. Thats just what i think they are -- close friends. If they are dating though, thats good for them, they should do whatever makes them feel good.

Im a fan of suju so as long as Henry's happy, im happy too.