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It was revived in the s with a book by Masahiko Nomi , a journalist with no medical background he graduated from the engineering department of University of Tokyo. Few Japanese psychologists criticized him at that time, [17] so he continued to demonstrate statistically significant data in various fields and published several books with these results. Some researchers believe blood types are associated with personality traits. These studies are not yet fully confirmed, except that the ABO antigens are expressed in early embryos.

There are also many psychological or statistical approaches to studying the correlation between blood type and personality, but these are not yet confirmed. Quite a few academic researchers [ who? For example, Kengo Nawata, a Japanese social psychologist, statistically analyzed three data sets of over 10, Japanese and American people in total. Therefore, the blood type explained only 0. This result suggests that blood type explained very little of people's personalities. Nawata came to the conclusion that there is actually no relevance of blood type for personality.

However, some academic researchers have shown several statistically significant data in Japan and Korea. Akira Sakamoto and Kenji Yamazaki, Japanese social psychologists, analyzed 32, samples of annual opinion polls from through Cosy Muto and Masahiro Nagashima et al. Nagasaki University conducted a supplementary survey of Yamazaki and Sakamoto in In the s, difference due to blood types was stabilized and variances became smaller.

Then in the s, difference was definitely statistically significant, too. However, the effect magnitude was extremely small, despite 'significance' in the statistical sense. Another Japanese social psychologist, Shigeyuki Yamaoka Shotoku University , announced results of his questionnaires, which were conducted in 1, subjects [22] and 1, subjects , [23] In both cases, the subjects were university students, and only subjects with enough knowledge of and belief in the "blood-type diagnosis" showed meaningful differences.

He concluded that these differences must be the influence of mass media , especially TV programs. Yamaoka later examined 6, samples from through in total and found the same result. On the other hand, there are opinions that the statistically meaningful differences according to the blood types are not explained only by beliefs, nor are they a self-fulfilling prophecy. In Japan, penetration rate of blood-typical personality traits were investigated. Yoriko Watanabe, a Japanese psychologist then Hokkaido University , chose "well-known" traits and found most traits were known to no more than half of Japanese subjects were university students.

However, Kanazawa was not able to discover any association with blood-type differences and penetration rates. Most reports that demonstrated statistical correlation attribute differences to a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, there is no study that directly proved the existence of "self fulfillment". Therefore, opinions of researchers are varied at present: The Five Factor Model tests were carried out in several countries, including Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, after the year These tests were intended to digitize self-ratings of the "big five" personality traits.

It was expected that differences in self-reported personalities a self-fulfilling prophecy would be detected from the subject who believed blood-typical stereotypes. As a result, researchers found no meaningful statistical difference. So Ho Cho, a Korean psychologist Yonsei University , and the others carried out a questionnaire about blood-typical items to subjects and discovered statistical differences as expected. However, these differences became extinct in the process of plural items being gathered to five factors big five. If these results are correct, the Five Factor Model test cannot detect differences between the blood types, if such a causal link did indeed exist.

They reported that type O people were most stress-resistant. In Japan, discussion of blood types is widely popular in women's magazines as a way of gauging relationship compatibility with a potential or current partner. Morning television shows feature blood type horoscopes , and similar horoscopes are published daily in newspapers. The blood types of celebrities are listed in their infoboxes on Japanese Wikipedia.

No less than two-thirds of people in several East Asian countries and areas, such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan, believe in the association between blood types and personality. In addition, according to one Japanese survey, more than half of Japanese people are fond of talking about blood type and personality. Results of two other surveys are the same. Although there is no proven correlation between blood type and personality, it remains popular with the many matchmaking services that cater to blood type.

In this way, it is similar to the use of astrological signs, which is also popular in Japan. Asking one's blood type is common in Japan, and people are often surprised when a non-Japanese does not know their own blood type. It is common among anime and manga authors to mention their character's blood types and to give their characters blood types to match their personalities.

In addition, it is common for video game series to allow for blood type as an option in their creation modes. Facebook in many Asian countries allows users to include their blood type in their profile. After then-Reconstruction Minister Ryu Matsumoto 's abrasive comments towards the governors of Iwate and Miyagi [41] forced him to step down from his post, he partially blamed his behavior on his blood type, saying "My blood is type B, which means I can be irritable and impetuous, and my intentions don't always come across. Blood types are important in South Korea as well.

An example from popular culture can be seen in the film My Boyfriend Is Type B in which a girl is advised not to date a man because of his blood type. The Korean webcomic A Simple Thinking About Blood Type depicts the stereotypes of each blood type, and has been adapted as a short anime series in Japan as Ketsuekigata-kun!

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Blood type harassment, called "bura-hara" wasei-eigo: Many people have been discriminated against because of their blood type. Employers ask blood types during interviews despite the warnings they have been given. Children at schools have been split up according to their blood type.

The national softball team has customized training to fit each player's blood type. Companies have given work assignments according to their employee's blood type. However, these episodes are thought to be more or less exaggerated—as well as horoscope addiction in Europe or the US, which is sometimes reported in Japan. No blood-type harassment trials have been reported, so far.

I personally don't see it as much more than a semi-quasi-like scientific theory. Not something i would base my life on as far as who i end up with. On the other hand, the blood transfusion thing is something I'm not at all about to throw out as myth. However Type O would certainly die if they were to receive any other type blood transfusion, other than that of type O. And the dietary part seems good as well. Aside from the racist aspect from where which these theories arise, i think its just best to let people have there opinions.

Or something to the effect, my Japanese isn't so good. Yeah, let's tie this in with the Nazis. Nazis used blood types as propaganda, therefore Japanese in are nazis. I cannot believe that any rationale person with an ounce of inteligence would believe any of this BS. I had read that the Japanese themselves had reduced its use and it was a recent publication in the last 35 years or so? It's like comparing 50Hz to 60Hz electrical systems. If a machine is designed to work with electricity a certain way then that's that. Why make everything a factor in discrimination? Surely the blood differences and so many other systems are things the Japanese culture could finally let go of.

If this doesn't stop what hope does the end of racism in Japan ever have? TRUE conversation heard once in English class, on the topic of blood types. I asked a group of Japanese to guess my blood type. It was about evenly divided among the four groups. An ex girlfriend used to say "anata ha settai O type dayo". Then the ex after that one always said "you are B type". And now my current girlfriend says that I am AB type. The Japanese started with there blood type fixation during the thirties or fourties as far as I know.

And this physical pseudo-science hogwash of that time is mostly due to nazi "pseudo-scientists". They are not nazis, but they should know the origin of their customs. If these descriptions were right, I'd have to be a type A-B-AB-O blood type, because - hey, I'm a fully-fledged human, not just a stereotype.

I always wonder how adults can actually be so dumb and uneducated to beliece such rubbish. How ludicrous is that? And even though most Japanese will deny believing this blood-type nonsense - I fear that it is ingrained too deeply into this society. Even though they deny it, it is still a prejudice which takes effect all too often. Do you know what alternative medicine is called when it works?

Chinese also believe in it, though for the most part it does sound interesting and a possibility to truth: This is the problem with this theory. People really want to believe it. It ties in with the obsession Japan has with putting everything and everyone into a neat little definitive box. It is utter and complete rubbish.

And to be fair so are most other mystical, pseudo-science ways of categorizing people. The truth is you can grab any two people off the planet earth and put them in a room and find some ties to legends, astrology, blood type myths and whatever have you if you want to do that. The more you believe in it, the more you will create exceptions to prove the rule.

When in actuality what you are seeing is nothing more than coincidence.

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Blood transfusions are simple So doctors will give you O- blood if they don't know your blood type and need to give you some in a hurry. It is also more problematic if the mother is a RH neg and the father is RH positive since an RH pos baby can kill the mother if this is the second RH pos baby. End of science class. The mother is fine, it's the second and subsequent babies that are at risk. In the past a rhesus baby stood a very good chance of brain damage or death, now they can prevent problems by giving the mother injections after the first pregnancy.

Thanks for the science lesson, but I always thought the risk with a second RH positive pregnancy for a RH negative mother was that the Mothers immune system might kill the baby, not the other way around as you state it. Disregarding here, that a stillbirth may of course be dangerous for the mother as well as I don't think that was what you meant. Not to mention the Rh positive baby's blood could pass through the placenta and kill the mother.

I am A-Rh negative and I was giving the rhogam shots before and after each of my pregnancies. The risk is certainly higher after the second baby but I didn't have any problems so far, even after the third baby. These shots provide temporary immunity, so RH negative moms should be ok. I'm shocked that this kind of discrimination is allowed to continue in Japan.

Will they use it against foreigners in some way? Get's em every time It is not uncommon for them to dump one based on this nonsense too! The same as horoscopes. I try not to take too much notice of it all, but I have to admit to still feeling a little antsy at having married an A type Gemini Rat!!! Seriously - could I have picked a worse combo??! So far he hasnt quite lived up to his supposed reputation. The article starts by saying it is good idea to know your blood type.

Japanese blood type character diagnosis! 日本の血液型占い!

The writer then promptly fails to give a single explanation why. As cleo said if you need urgent blood transfer you are not in a state to tell it to the doc even if you know it and moreover they will test it anyway. This is exactly same than horoscopes in west. If asked I always tell my sign is Omega and blood type C. Many of the characteristics listed above are completely different from what my wife uses to tell me about blood types.

But as long as she tells me we are a good match, I don't care about the scientific basis They really believe this blood type bollox How brain washed they are!! I read, a longtime ago that this came from Germany back in the early 's and the Japanese ate it up as it sought to classify people which, apparently, was something the Japanese were looking for at the time. When Japanese ask my blood type I always say "H" and it usually gets a laugh or at least a high-pitched, nasal yaaaaa daaa! I'm glad it's a big point for the Japanese On other hand, hearing the predictable chorus from foreigners about how blood types are bogus is not interesting.

It would be interesting to know what blood types the other regular posters are Well, I would say there is something to it, I descend from an African people who have stand the test of time, many years of slavery. Africans have a genitic marker which they go by, in choosing mates. First thing there is no inter-tribal cohabiting, one have to find ones mate far afield. I am not saying Africans are perfect, but we do have strong geans. As humans going forward in to the future, I strongly believe that we should not be wanton about our genetics, blood or otherwise, selecting a mate is very important thing, the older African thought so, maybe they were on to something and so we should consider everything when mating, for a better future with a stronger race, everyone of us.

Nothing should be left out blood, shape, or physical features all should be considered. The ancient did it, so that we could be here today standing strong, we have to do even better. I remember reading somewhere that the Japanese basically got the obsession with blood type from the Prussians, who influenced their medical system late 19th century. A bunch of medical terminology is still in German here - heck those Prussians even inspired the Japanese school uniforms we still see!

I don't think Germans give a hoot anymore about blood type, but it remained a popular thing here and Koreans too according to my Korean friend. Personally I reckon it's about as accurate as starsigns. Almost no Japanese has ever correctly guessed my blood type!

The Curious Japanese Obsession With Blood Types

Just pointing out that because something has weird roots it isn't necessarily weird. Nazis postulated on blood type. Does that mean the anyone who buys a blood type book is thinking of wiping people out? Just because Christmas used to be a pagan holiday, does that make Christmas a bad holiday? Everbody should know their blood type, it can can be a life or death issue if you need a transfusion quickly. I am B and completely agree with all the characteristics the Japanese assign to it.

So - you are lying there unconscious after an accident - and the doctors are going to ask you your blood type? I know my type - but in it just aint necessary. Starsigns are actually more accurate - pretty much everyone I know has no correlation to the above stated blood type characteristics! BUT a very good ice breaker especially you meet a nice gorgeous Japanese lady. I decided to take a vacation to Russia.

Met a girl there and decided to marry her. Divorced four years after marriage. Actually, I'm pretty easy going about things around me except for smoking hate smokers. So the final tally has 8. The only book I've ever read considering blood types was that "Eat Right 4 your blood type" Which is the only book that actually makes sense in regards to genetic attributes and diet that benefits you most.

It mentions absolutely nothing bout personality and all that other mumbo jumbo thank goodness since its there to make you eat food that makes you healthy and stay away from food that isn't. The diet and exercise sounds like crap. But my husband is type A, and Japanese so he is a super hard worker and fussy about details. I'm O and American so I'm more laid back about the details the economic stuff was dead on too and we sometimes do fight because I get irritated with him being all fussy!

Seriously, what possible benefit would this have? Let's drag out WW2 yet again and make sure Japanese born decades after it finished are suitably guilt-ridden? I've worked in Japanese companies where they include blood types on the seating chart for the office, and B types were pretty directly discriminated against. I'm O and have worked under a boss in IT who had it in his head that only As and ABs were good for IT, and that Os were not reliable for detail work - that is the most direct case of blood type discrimination I've ever heard of I've never heard of anyone so directly believing in blood types and citing them that way.

However, talking to type Bs in my last company where all blood types were published by the company, there was a consistent feeling that they came in for harsher treatment. But forget about that. If you want to ever go to a gokon, or want an icebreaker with a Japanese member of the opposite sex, this is essential information. Guessing someone's blood type is code talk for saying what you think someone is like outgoing or introverted, artistic or logical, etc. I am always interested in things like this. I don't really believe it but it is a good way to talk in code and much easier to remember than horoscopes.

I am A type. Also an aries and an ox Don't see why I should share my blood type when being a Brit they won't even let me donate blood. Almost certainly none, which is the right answer because it is not Nazi science, but based on Japanese pseudo science of the s. Wow, people even get critical over this! Blood type personality thing is just fun, it is a traditional Japanese thing, and it has no "sinister" history. What a collective body of people chose to think is real, it is real for them.

And anyone can have a contrary believe, it is a choice. But It is self-rightous to decide what is real or unreal for others, especially a large collective body of people. This is where tyricanical idea gerninates, in the mind of small people deciding what is correct or right thinking for the masses. Therefore, if Japanese people decide there is merits in blood types, so be it, let them enjoy that belief. Yes it is all for fun. There could be overlap and the general nature of the observation makes it so that overlap does happen. Someone said this is like astrology and that is far from the truth.

Astrology is based on the positions of planets which have magnetic and electrical effects on our planet so there is something coming from these sources--it is just the interpretation of astrology that could be off and the fact that no one can really tell the future.

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The blood type thing has no scientific basis except that there are individuals with these different blood types and with that there could be differences in temperament. The problem is that we do not know what these differences are because a large clinical study has not been done. Maybe there is something or maybe not. I think it is mainly nonsense but I am still open to see the facts and change my view unlike others who get stuck in their thinking because of limited knowledge.

Show me the pudding. Just look at the Blood Type doctrine as a religious belief and apply some religious tolerance. It certainly both a makes more sense and b is less dangerous than some religions out there, which we are always asked to "respect". Tell that to the people who get divorced or passed over for job opportunities because of their blood type.

I'm a type O, let's see.

The importance of blood type in Japanese culture - Japan Today

I think —Go straight toward their goal hmmm.. Nonsense or not and this is the first time i've ever looked up characteristics. However I'm type O blood and i share a majority of those characteristics given. I do agree that it is important to know your blood type in that it will help out in many instances. I do not agree with the way the Japanese do it, however. The person that said that it is traditional, get it together.

This is more of a recent phenomenon than a years old tradition. This is not a tradition, this is another form of elitism that the Japanese are so fond of but don't admit. I do not say this with contempt, but rather out of observation. People can and will have major points in their lives affected by their blood type! This is not a myth, this is the true hard FACT. Some people may try to convince you that it is something that the Japanese don't really take seriously, when in fact, most of them do.

Everyone of them will at least think about your blood type, if not take a guess. And if they guess wrong? They knew the truth all along, and were just toying with you, of course. I've been at the first enkai of the year, where they introduce the noobs, and have watched conversations turn frigid because of blood typing not that the alcohol helps things. This is not to say that ALL Japanese people believe in it, but it is part of their lives whether they like it or not, and therefore everyone must know.

So, as a foreigner, when you got a Japanese person that you know doesn't take it seriously, it is okay to share. Now, this idea of grabbing an idea and holding onto it even though there is nothing there is not unique to the Japanese. Every culture has something that they prescribe to that doesn't make sense. So, yeah, call it bupkis, but don't hate. In summary, if you know someone is not serious about it, share, but if you are unsure, refuse to tell.

Supposed to be "blue" however has been proved to be red positively Cabernet Sauvignon I have been told by doctors in JP that Japanese cant take foreign blood transfusions because JP blood is so pure.. I prefer not being judged simply because of my blood type. It is no different from being judged by the color of your skin. Ridiculous that anyone believes this non-sense. To all girls in Japan: Get a ' realistic personality ' not one from a comic book and most likely you will find a nice man. I have been told by doctors in JP that Japanese cant take foreign blood transfusions because JP blood is so pure.

Talking to several doctors at the same time or individually over a period of time? I was told that mosquitoes are attracted to type "O" more than any of the other groups. Is this a general consensus in Japan? Just because someone corrupts an idea doesn't make the idea bad all together. The idea that 4 major blood groups makes us who we are is actually very interesting and worth exploring. Whether you believe in God, Buddha, Creation, Evolution, or any other explanation for existence we have historic and modern proof that everything grew and changed through another source that came before the last.

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It is not far off to believe aspects of the blood type theories. I do not believe that there is any one device or man made system that can completely distinguish, categorize, or assign any set of traits to any one human being for any reason. But the idea of having a better take on how our bodies have evolved based on characteristics and the environment or habitat of ancestors who carried our blood type isn't a bad idea at all and it isn't really a big risk.

Experimenting with these simple diet and exercise methods aren't going to hurt anybody, not even in the slightest and might actually work. SMH They laughed at a lot of ideas throughout history but we're not laughing now at some of them. Use your Facebook account to login or register with JapanToday. By doing so, you will also receive an email inviting you to receive our news alerts.