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Wickens said she's connected with a number of queer Christians through GCN, but still wants to be proactive as she looks for a romantic relationship with a woman of faith.

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Right now her preferred way of meeting people is Tinder, but "it's not very often I come across someone who shares my belief system. Related stories by this author. Most recent Hotel, hostel or airbnb? How to choose the right lodging option for you. Six places to visit that are actually more fun in the winter. What happens if you lose your passport abroad? How to set and stick to a budget in How an online-only bank can put more money in your savings account.

Three ways our national parks are suffering during the government shutdown.

Christian Dating Site Allows Gay and Lesbian Singles Following Lawsuit

Using our unique matchmaking process, EliteSingles is supporting LGBT singles across the country find and connect with long-lasting love matches. And you can join them! Are you ready to join them and start your search for love? Our easy registration process is the commitment you make to yourself for finding love and happiness this year. You're about to make the leap, get really clear on who you are, and what you want from a partner, long term.

Our EliteSingles technology sets you up with curated matches: We deliver only a handful of matches so you can spend time considering them. Please select your gender and search gender. Please use a valid email address. Please accept the terms below. My data is collected pursuant to the Privacy Policy. I joined a discipleship group with a contract with all kinds of legalistic requirements.

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My friends and I who were in that group now laugh when we think about how we used to cut our worship parties and prayer meetings early because we were under contract not to be out past midnight. In high school and college, I never drank, smoked, did drugs, had sex, or participated in anything that would be considered obvious, blaring sin.

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Of course I was never perfect, but I honestly never did those things. It was a shock to me back then, and learning that acid and cocaine are as common at college parties as weed is at high school parties was also a shock to me the other day. I can definitely understand for people like me, it can be a big shock to go from strictly legalistic church culture to secular culture. Anyway, back to dating.

When I first came out, I was somewhat excited to try out dating.

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I went on my first date a few weeks after I came out. It was a guy I met on Tinder, and we chatted for a while before meeting. We met at a bar, and it was my first time ever intentionally going to a bar. On our second date we met at a gay bar, because I said I had never been to one.

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We met at R Place and then walked over to Neighbours. It was a weeknight, so neither of them were busy, so that was probably a better introduction than a weekend night would have been. On our third date, we just met at a restaurant for dinner. He is a gay Christian who went to SPU and had come out about two years earlier, so he had some valuable insights to share.

Then I met a guy in February who was pretty cool and interesting. He was an attorney with an extensive catholic background, and he was writing an academic paper on Ephesians 3, which is significant to gay-affirming theology.

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He was interesting to talk to, and we also went on three dates- one to Pike Place Market, one to Seattle Art Museum, and one to lunch. I want to get married, and I think ultimately God recognizes marriage, but I would want it to be official and legally recognized. For example, the first guy I went on dates with mentioned that he was just getting into doing drag. I researched drag and learned more about its interesting history, and this guy explained kind of the meaning and purpose about why people do drag, which was interesting.