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Our site is the only one online that serves the specific niche audience of those with a diagnosed mental illness. By creating this inclusive community our users can rest assured that each user on the site is sensitized to the particular challenges of managing a mental illness.

The site was established in and since then has been operated by a single individual with a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. This is not a faceless corporation but instead a kind community with a leader passionate about improving the lot of its users.

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Not a Member yet? Register and Confirm Basic Information. Add Details to your Personal Profile. For example, working through relational uncertainty issues in psychotherapy may help alleviate depressive symptoms. Alternatively treating depression might help individuals achieve more relational certainty, leading to more satisfying relationships.

Relationship Matters - a new podcast series from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships is now live at http: Strategic misrepresentation in online dating: The effects of gender, self-monitoring, and personality traits by Jeffrey A. Cody; and The role of relational uncertainty in depressive symptoms and relationship quality: An actor-partner interdependence model by Leanne K.

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Your foot hitting pavement wasn't the main problem Vanderbilt University View all latest news. I'm more afraid of self sabotage in the relationship rather than their reactions these days. The more curious your partner is, the more they are open to learning about how you "work" and possibly they will be more patience.

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Personally if you want to tell them about your depression then just tell a smigin amount, or as time passes it will slowly develop, so enjoy the euphoria and excitement of you know what. Well Geoff, i think it is more about understanding for me. I want them to understand where i am coming from. Like i was saying to Laura M, these are just my experiences as LauraM was curious to know others own experiences with dating with depression. It is not a recommendation in any way.

10 Tips for Dating With Depression

Personally, I wouldn't mention it straight away, but allow time for him to get to know you. After all, the depression doesn't define who you are as a person.

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However, it definitely needs to be mentioned at some point, especially if it's an ongoing issue and will impact on the relationship. I once dated someone and mentioned my history of depression. His response was '.. He didn't take it very seriously. Turns out he was a tool and not the right person for me. For a range of reasons not just that conversation , I ended it with him soon after. I believe the right person should accept you despite your depression - they should see beyond it. I have been learning about personal boundaries and to not make myself so vulnerable to judgement by sharing too much too soon.

Your depression is not who you are.

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So I wouldn't be so quick to label yourself. You're Laura, not just a depressed woman. And that's who you should let potential partners get to know. If someone gets to know you as you are, with the depressive symptoms not hidden away, and they still want to see you then they're okay with it and after a couple of months you could talk it over.

The truth about online dating and the link between depression and relational uncertainty

Maybe consider how you would feel if someone told you the same thing. Would it feel appropriate to hear that straight away? If they only brought it up later, would you feel betrayed or would you understand that they were protecting themselves? During a recent stay in a psychiatric hospital i became close to a lady who was internet dating whilst an inpatient. To the point that some of her dates would pick her up to enable her to have escorted leave so she could go for dinner with them.

There was a mixed reaction from the few men that she met, which gave me the impression that a great deal of this depends on the individual.