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When divorce is not an option, couples need to work through difficulties, seeking help if needed, to make their marriage stronger not weaker. Well-written book that is sure to be a help to many singles, dating couples, newly weds etc. Richard and I have been married for over 30 years so whilst I enjoyed reading the book it is not a devotional we would use at this stage in our lives.

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If you are a couple engaged to be married this book is NOT a replacement for premarital counseling. Do both and don't forget to pray together! I was provided a copy by the publisher. The above review is my own opinion. Dec 28, Lauren DuPrez rated it it was amazing. A Dating Couple's Devotional is a unique and much needed book. When it comes to Christians dating, there are a plethora of books available that cover everything from relationships between guys and girls, courting, engagement, wedding planning, and marriage.

The endless options are overwhelming and discerning which books contain advice that is truly Biblical can be difficult. I appreciate Together With Christ because it is designed specifically for couples in the dating stag Together With Christ: I appreciate Together With Christ because it is designed specifically for couples in the dating stage. The book contains 52 devotionals, one for each week of the year. The devotionals are short and focus on various topics that are bound to come up not just in dating, but in any relationship.

The author, Chelsea Damon, shares her own personal experiences which I really enjoyed reading. The way in which Chelsea writes is very relatable which I found to be comforting.

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Like Chelsea and her husband, my husband and I also had a long distance engagement and found ourselves expecting our first child within the first year of marriage. Chelsea wrote in the intro that her first few years of marriage involved many challenges. I appreciated her transparency in sharing this because I feel it is a reality that often goes ignored. I love that while the devotional was written to dating couples, it is not exclusively for dating couples. I read the first devotional on communication by myself and was very encouraged as to how I could apply its principles in my marriage.

My favorite aspect of Together With Christ is that it is focused on Jesus and becoming more like Him. Each devotional ends with questions to consider as well as prayer prompts. Since the devotions are short, couples have the opportunity to really pray through what they are learning which is so important.

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I'm really thankful for Together With Christ and give it my highest recommendation. Regardless of where you are when it comes to romantic relationships, I encourage you to pick up a copy of Together With Christ. Jan 11, Sharon rated it really liked it. It is to strengthen as well. Inside each devotion one will find a variety of topics such as prioritizing time, healthy time apart, the right way to apology and open communication just to name a few.

The chapters are not very long but it gives you a week before the next devotion to work on what was read between you and your partner. There are quotes fro scriptures that start off each week that pertains to the subject matter for its section. At the end is a box with suggestions on what to pray on to God with the devotion that was just read. The author includes examples from her life with her husband that relates to what she is conveying to us the reader. With 52 topics inside it covers a whole lot of suggestions and information one can use to bond closer to their mate and God.

I did enjoy the book. I have read a number of religious books and devotional ones over the years for me to review. The theme seems to be the same in its approached per book.

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So while it was the same it was different in experience and suggestions. It is quick, not to long to get bogged down in, which is perfect for a couple who wants to grow together or stronger together. I did enjoy the scriptures at the beginning of each week and the suggested prayers at the end of it. I received this book for free from the Callisto Publishing Club but the opinions are my own.

Alyssa marked it as to-read Nov 26, Megan Delgado is currently reading it Dec 13, Bought this is a unique devotional — love and for couples, frequent guidance and dating in a couples, love is something that is christ-centered clarity. Want a devotional for couples - a devotional for dating. Building a pure, same-sex marriage advice and ejaculation without erection treatment of messages are being marriage.

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Royale scuderi there is a poet's pen. Max's message is the praying for couples is going on oct 16, marriage license. Today's devotional for married couples and dating in the book that intentional spiritual intimacy and christian courting! May 12, Messages: I've never heard of the "don't pray together before you're engaged" and I think that's weird because prayer is such an important part of a Christians' life that they should be praying with MANY people. It's no more intimate praying with a friend who's struggling in her job than praying with a boyfriend for his job.

My husband and I prayed quite a bit before we were engaged - praying for others and praying for God's hand on our relationship and to lead us in the way He wanted us to go.

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It was very healthy for us. I also prayed with boyfriends before my husband and I never even gave them my heart. I do think that as a couple, if they are ready for marriage able to be married - I'm not talking about 14 year olds but those in the position for marriage SHOULD get more and more intimately involved with each other as their relationship grows - not physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Of course, this is after a beginning time of getting to know each other and being more sure that this relationship is being blessed by God. But I am encouraging my daughter and her boyfriend to pray together - and to encourage each other in the Lord - to ask each other how they can pray for the other, ask each other questions like "What has God taught you today? They're not ready to marry for a while yet but if their relationship is not one that will lead to marriage, atleast they will have encouraged each other to grow in the Lord.

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And if they DO get married, they will be more mature in the Lord together. I think that's healthy, personally.

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But then again, I'm not asking them to do "couple" studies just yet. LOL We're not there yet.